Crag Spring Water

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Still: £15 per crate
Sparkling: £18 per crate
Mixed: £16.50 per crate

Crag spring water is doing water differently – not only is both our still and sparkling water great in taste, but some also say they can tell it’s bottled with love. It’s true, we do everything from the heart here and we hope you enjoy staying hydrated and feeling good with our water.

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Fresh and Natural, Still and Sparkling

Our bottles come in two sizes, 330ml and 750ml, and in both still and sparkling form. Here is a little more about our water:

Our still glass bottled water features the blue label and is recognisable by its often described ‘silky creamy’ taste.

The green bottle is our gentle effervescent sparkling. It will not fizz your socks off like other brands, but it will gently tingle your palate for a more pleasant and loveable taste.

Typical Analysis mg/ltr:







Dry Residue at 180c......120

PH at source......7.2

12 reviews for Crag Spring Water

  1. Cat

    I LOVE Crag Spring Water. After doing a water tasting session with Doran, I switched diet coke for spring water and am now drinking 3L every day and feeling much better for it. II’m sleeping really well, have more energy and my skin has definitely noticed the difference! I didn’t like sparkling water before, but am now converted. Crag’s sparkling water tastes really clean and isn’t too fizzy - which was my previous problem with some sparkling waters - more gently effervescent. I also love the fact that the glass bottles are reused rather than recycled.

  2. Dean Wild

    I first came across Crag Spring Water when rock climbing at a local wall. The taste is completely different to normal spring water and I’m completely in love with it. The carbonated/sparkling version is brilliant and not too fizzy!

    After watching a documentary and reading books I decided that keeping myself hydrated and drinking a good source of water was key to enhancing different areas of my life. After drinking 4+ liters of Crag a day, I feel energised, no aches and pains and never suffer with headaches or small niggles. This really is a wonder drug! After researching, Crag is an amazing source of water and it just so happens that I live very close to it!

    If you think you can’t tell the difference between different brands of water water, go on one of Doran’s water tasting sessions and your mind will be blown!

    I love the ethics behind the company and reusing glass bottles is a very good way of reducing the carbon footprint! Crag is a brilliant company and source of water which is why I recommend everybody to try it!! Keep up the good work Doran and team 🙂

  3. Barbara Crack

    We absolutely love Crag water, it’s delicious. Myself and my sons drink the still and my husband drinks the sparkling. We have it at every meal and we always make sure we have supplies.

    It’s local, it’s better for planet as the glass bottles are reused.

    I have to take supplies to my mum in Yorkshire who is 100 and loves the sparkling.

    It’s delivered every week and the empties collected. No hassle.

  4. Stephen Hastings

    We have a delivery of 12 sparkling Crag water every week. The water is delicious. The delivery is always reliable and it’s great to know the process is green and sustainable. Much better than plastic bottles!

  5. Stuart Fox

    We’re big fans of the product and the concept. Customer service is on point too!

  6. Simon Mellin

    Modern Milkman has had the pleasure of working with Doran and the team at Crag Spring Water for 2 years. We have a lot in common. We both appreciate that a high-quality product shouldn’t have to come at a cost to the environment and have built businesses committed to reducing waste through return and reuse. Single-use plastic bottles are huge plastic offenders, littering our oceans and leeching microplastics whilst they take hundreds of years to break down. We fully support Crag Spring Water’s commitment to tackling this problem through return and reuse glass bottles.

    Zero plastic also means the still and sparkling spring water tastes even better. Working together we’ve been able to deliver Crag’s premium grade spring water directly from the Peak District to our milk round customers, making sustainable shopping convenient.

    We both agree that we can’t change the past, but we can work together to change the future. We see return and reuse packaging as the way forward to help reduce waste and conserve resources. We're proud to offer Crag Water to our customers.

  7. Chef Joseph Rawlins, La Popte

    As a Chef, I love to know that all my ingredients are of the highest calibre. The same goes for the bottled spring water that we provide our guests. It is true that Crag spring water is silky and delicate, making it a more than suitable complement to our dishes. The sparkling variation of the spring water is also gentle, not overpowering the palate like other bottles of sparkling often do. Doran at Crag is more than helpful, and it is clear that he is as passionate about water as I am about food.

  8. Louise

    I am conscious of drinking enough water every day and when I stumbled upon Crag, I have to say I've not looked back. The water tastes amazing and the businesses ethos, both socially and environmentally makes me keep re-buying. The sparkling is different too, it's not too over powering. Well done team Crag.

  9. Christine

    I do not usually write reviews, but I wanted to share my experience since hearing about and becoming a customer of Crag Spring Water which has been a while now.

    To cut a long story short I have suffered various health problems over the years which led me to research, learn and understand the powerful link between drinking water and physical/mental wellbeing.

    Crag Spring Water has literally changed my life as since discovering it I now actually enjoy drinking water the taste is pure and smooth especially when I compare it to drinking tap water.

    However, something extraordinary has happened I have seen an improvement in my general wellbeing…something I cannot explain.

    Thank you to all at Crag Spring Water (which I read and understand to be a small family business) for working so hard to bring your precious resource from spring to consumer and choosing to bottle it in such a respectful way to the environment.

    As a customer I look forward to an ongoing relationship with Crag Spring Water and wish Good Luck to yourselves and all your other customers.

  10. Jake Atkinson

    We transferred over to Crag Water as soon as we found out about the operation that Doran and his team have in place at The Crag pub. Initially we were buying hundreds of imported Italian still and sparkling water, due to covid we couldn’t put our usual water carafes on tables so the bottled water sales shot up, suppliers couldn’t get the stock levels to meet ours and we were really struggling to keep up with the amount off water sold.

    Out of nowhere Doran approached us in Macclesfield and explained he was bottling water less than 5 miles away from one of our restaurants Picturedrome. I went down to try the water and it was unbelievable, instantly you could taste the difference in quality and not to mention the fact that they reuse the bottles.

    Instantly we stopped ordering our imported water and transferred Mackie Mayor, Altrincham Market and Picturedrome to Crag water, to this day we take hundreds of bottles off Doran and I couldn’t speak any higher about the pureness of his product, the service and most importantly his incredible communication - right on our doorstep.

    If everyone in the UK could listen to Dorans story and try his water I’m sure they would all transfer over to Crag.

    Thanks for everything guys you’re amazing!

  11. Ryan Barker

    Is there a process more pure and natural than rain water landing upon a hill in the peaks, soaking through the grass, heath and heather, filtering through hundreds of meters of rock, finding it's way into underground rivers, aquifers and springs, then being bottled at source and drank straight into the body, which we all know is quintessentially water?

    I love water and I cant stop drinking Crag, whether it be the process, or the fact it comes in glass bottles, or just the beauty of the area it so happens to be bottled at, or all these things combined and more. I cant name a better tasting spring water and I'm not being paid to say this...

  12. Will

    For over 6 months we have been using Crag Spring Water, they have become central to our business. With growing climate change it is imperative we should focus on eco-friendly suppliers, Crag exceeds this philosophy. They are consistent and flexible with quality Still and Sparkling Water, which is why it is such a privilege to work with this Peak District business.

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