"Following my discovery of Doran Binder and his artisan spring water in 2022, I was delighted to visit his facility in an unspoiled and remote part of the Peak District. After observing the site and tasting the water, it was clear that I had to work with his company. When looking for a water supplier, I had a few core objectives: to support local economies with pristine quality and to make a conscious effort to significantly reduce sketch’s carbon footprint. Crag Water was the perfect mixture of this.

Doran has made many sacrifices to strengthen our relationship, for example personally delivering the water to sketch on a weekly basis. As well as having a delicious taste, Crag Water enhances our integrity as a conscious buyer of local and artisanal goods, as the bottles are reused and not just recycled. Working with Crag Water is one of my greatest achievements and I am very proud of what we have accomplished."
- Frederic, Wine Director Sketch.London

" Modern Milkman has had the pleasure of working with Doran and the team at Crag Spring Water for 2 years. We have a lot in common. We both appreciate that a high-quality product shouldn’t have to come at a cost to the environment and have built businesses committed to reducing waste through return and reuse.

Single-use plastic bottles are huge plastic offenders, littering our oceans and leeching microplastics whilst they take hundreds of years to break down. We fully support Crag Spring Water’s commitment to tackling this problem through return and reuse glass bottles.

Zero plastic also means the still and sparkling spring water tastes even better. Working together we’ve been able to deliver Crag’s premium grade spring water directly from the Peak District to our milkround customers, making sustainable shopping convenient.

We both agree that we can’t change the past, but we can work together to change the future. We see return and reuse packaging as the way forward to help reduce waste and conserve resources. We're proud to offer Crag Water to our customers.

" - Simon M., CEO Modern Milkman

"Crag Spring Water works great for us, the bottles arrive in stack-able color coded crates making storage easier. Delivery and returns are easy and have made a huge impact on our glass disposal making a saving of approximately £15 per week. And to top it off - THE WATER IS BRILLIANT!" - Alistair, Rafter Restaurant