Doing Water Differently

It’s quite simple, we care. Not only about the water we provide but the environment and community around us.

Firstly, since our inception, we as a company have gone above and beyond the ‘recyclable’ standard. We take back every Crag Spring Water bottle, wash it, and then resell them again for another customer to enjoy our water with a difference.

We already believe our brand has reused over five hundred thousand bottles in this way – something we are very proud of.

The only part of what we supply that isn’t reused is the aluminium cap. It's a security thing. Each cap has a 'use once only' breakable seal. Whilst on the bottle the security tabs are complete, but by unscrewing the cap you break the tabs. This ensures that the bottle has the original and correct contents but also means we can never use it again. However, the cap can be recycled by taking it to a recycle centre or by returning to us.

Until production grows to a point where it is no longer viable, each bottle is still currently filled and carbonated manually. It is made with love, and Doran believes this is reflected in the quality of the product and in turn, the loyalty of his growing customer base.

Our dedication to a fully sustainable future continues into the way we, and the environment we use, operates. We already employ the most efficient LED lighting throughout and we are looking at the most efficient way of heating the building with the current project being a heat exchanger to harvest the heat from the wastewater from our bottle washing process.

As soon as possible, we have further committed to switching to electric delivery vehicles. We truly believe we can’t change the past, but we can change the future.

Crag Spring Water is different, and it starts with the people behind the brand.

Social responsibility is a high priority for us, we now employ 14 members of staff. Two of these staff work for us via the Rossendale Trust, which gives people with learning difficulties a chance to earn money and ‘prove how valuable they can be’.