About Crag Water

Crag Spring Water is bottling water like no other British brand. We ensure that the environment, our people, and the quality of our water is at the heart of what we do. We are proud of our independent family-run ethos that’s environmentally conscious, socially responsible and works to not only give back to nature but the local community through those we employ.

Crag Spring Water is committed to healthy hydration by continuing to bottle some of the world’s finest, naturally sourced spring water from its aquifer, which can produce enough water to fill more than a million bottles a day.

The water source, described by experts as a ‘liquid goldmine’, came to light when Doran Binder, purchased the Crag Inn pub and the surrounding land and had the water tested as part of an annual water safety inspection - and the rest as they say is history.

Crag Spring Water is a source of exceptionally high-quality still or sparkling spring water, which having filtered through layers of sand and rock for centuries, is rich in trace minerals resulting in some of the silkiest, creamiest water ever to be tasted.

We sell both still and sparkling spring water in 330ml and 750ml glass bottles. The 330ml glass bottles come in crates of 20 bottles and the 750ml bottles in crates of 12. The sparkling water has a natural, soft taste and is lightly carbonated.


Crag Spring Water is the only British brand to have won 3 awards by the internationally recognised 'Fine Water Society' (two for our Sparkling water and one for Still). Our Spring Water is bottled direct from source, at the foothills of Shutlinsloe (known as the "Matterhorn of Cheshire") in the village of Wildboarclough - in the Peak District.

Our water is virtually absent of nasties, with very low levels nitrates, reflecting our bottled quality. Along its journey that takes years to arrive at source, our water becomes jam-packed with naturally enriched minerals to create a refreshing, perfectly balanced, premium spring still and sparkling water that will hydrate with a difference.

Crag makes staying hydrated simple and easy with the ability to order nationwide online with flexible, free delivery. Every bottle we sell is reused rather than being recycled, choosing glass bottles over plastic, which could potentially be thrown away by our customers. Our team will take away your used glass bottles in the crates supplied and supply you with new stock through our subscription options. By taking away your old bottles we also reduce your rubbish collection charges.

Meet Doran

Doran Binder is the owner and founder of Crag Spring Water and is now better known as the ‘Bearded Water Sommelier’ sharing his passion and knowledge on everything water across the world.

Doran’s discovery of the world-leading water underneath his Cheshire pub, the Crag Inn, has not only changed his own life but is now changing thousands of others through the power of drinking water.

In 2016, after the breakdown of his marriage, Doran needed somewhere to live so that he could separate from his then wife and still be near to his children.

After struggling to find something suitable, he put in an offer on The Crag Inn, a small country pub in Wildboarclough near Macclesfield, Cheshire, at a fraction of the asking price. It was miraculously accepted. He then met Richard Taylor of Blair Water, who advised him of the potential of the spring water source running deep underneath the pub.

Doran dove straight in at the deep end. He quit his well-paid job, sold everything he had and plunged all his money into setting up the business and making Crag water what it is today. The rest as they say is history.

On this journey, Doran now stands as one of the UK’s only water experts, and through his own consumption of 4 litres a day, he knows first-hand the true health and wellbeing powers of water.

Doran now wants to educate and bring to light to the real properties, mineral content, and taste differences in waters from across the globe with his popular water tasting sessions.

You can follow Doran on his Instagram or TikTok via the links below!