From source to your door.

In glass bottles that we reuse not recycle.

Our Story

Crag Spring Water is the new authentically Cheshire and quintessentially British family-run bottled at source, eco-friendly brand of spring water with an extraordinary story. Crag Spring Water and its passionate owner, Doran Binder, one of the UK’s only water sommeliers, the ‘Bearded Water Sommelier’ wanted to do water differently, and it truly has.

After finding the ‘liquid goldmine’ that runs 27 meters below ground by chance, Doran and his close-knit team that reside at the foot of Shutlingsloe in the village of Wildboarclough in The Peak District National Park, Cheshire are bottling some of the best still and sparkling water in the world.

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As Seen In

Meet Doran: The Bearded Water Sommelier

Doran Binder or as he is better known the ‘Bearded Water Sommelier’ is one of the UK’s only water experts, a job he never knew would become part of his journey.

After discovering some of the best water in the world underneath a pub Doran purchased at a difficult period in his life, water has now become more than just job, it’s his passion and purpose in life.

Not only is Doran expertly selling his products across the UK, but he is also educating consumers and business owners alike on the power of water.

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