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Crag Spring Water

Crag Spring Water Home Subscription

Crag Spring Water Home Subscription

Fresh and Natural, Still and Sparkling.

Crag spring water is doing water differently – not only is both our still and sparkling water great in taste, but some also say they can tell it’s bottled with love. It’s true - we do everything from the heart here and we hope you enjoy staying hydrated and feeling good with our water.

Re-usable bottles come in two sizes, 330ml and 750ml, and in both still and sparkling form. Our still glass bottled water features the blue label and is recognisable by its often described ‘silky creamy’ taste.

The green bottle is our gentle effervescent sparkling. It will not fizz your socks off like other brands, but it will gently tingle your palate for a more pleasant and loveable taste.

To order and subscribe for our fantastic Crag spring water, please fill in your details below and we'll be in touch as soon as possible to arrange.


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How We Will Deliver Your Water

If you live in the North West or London

If you live in the North-West or London then you will receive our products from us directly, free of charge. This can be either weekly, fortnightly, or every four weeks, the power is in your hands. As we still have a small team here at Crag, we will notify you with your delivery turnaround time on subscribing to our services.

If you live elsewhere in the UK

For the rest of the UK will receive our Crag Spring Water through our partner The Modern Milkman. Please do use our postcode finder to ensure we deliver to your address. Any queries on any aspect of your water delivery with our partner needs to be directly with the team over at The Modern Milkman, their details can be found here.

Other ways to order Crag Water

We are busy organising more outlets and re-sellers, including prestigious hotels, spa's, notable retailers and more. We recommend you try our range of on-demand ordering, both Crag cans and bottles - available here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Archibald lovett
Crag Water Cans

Crag sparkling water is bloody beautiful. Nothing like any other sparkling water ive tried before. A slight tingle down the throat and a gorgeous taste to follow up with it! Cracking job doran!

Crag Spring Water Deliveries

we get 6 crates of 750ml a fortnight and it is great tip: best drank after refrigerated thank you crag

Stevie Baby
Crag Spring Water - Reusable Glass Bottles

Prior to switching to Crag I was drinking filtered water thinking that I was doing the right thing. I couldn't have been more wrong. Hands down Crag Spring Water (still and sparkling) are the best I have ever tasted. I'm no snob but I will never drink tap water ever again. What Doran is offering is truly remarkable, I am actively encouraging all my friends and family to make the switch. I'm drinking between 3L - 4L / day and feel amazing. Keep up the great work Beardy!!!

Crag Spring Water - Reusable Glass Bottles

I love this water. I have replaced drinking wine at home with the sparkling water. I have always loved sparkling water, but felt so guilty about the plastic and the ‘food miles.’ Now I can enjoy a delicious, healthier drink and support a local greener business.

Crag Spring Water - Reusable Glass Bottles

For over 6 months we have been using Crag Spring Water, they have become central to our business. With growing climate change it is imperative we should focus on eco-friendly suppliers, Crag exceeds this philosophy. They are consistent and flexible with quality Still and Sparkling Water, which is why it is such a privilege to work with this Peak District business