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Crag Spring Water

Crag Spring Water Cans for Mail Order 12x500ml

Crag Spring Water Cans for Mail Order 12x500ml

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Crag Water is doing spring water differently and our amazing still and sparkling varieties are both now available in new handy 500ml cans.

Our new 500ml cans have been designed to feature the very recognisable image of our founder, Doran Binder. The blue version of the new can houses our still water which has a silky and creamy taste, whilst our sparkling water comes in the gold version. Gently effervescent rather than in-your-face fizzy, it delivers a tingle to your palate along with a faint hint of almost citrusy flavour.

Our water, taken from a natural spring that runs 27 metres below the ground here at the foot of Shutlingsloe in the Peak District National Park, has its own unique taste with our customers often saying they can tell that it’s canned with love. Our passion for natural spring water is behind everything we do at Crag and we truly love helping you to stay hydrated and reap the benefits of drinking some of the best quality water in the world.

Our award-winning spring water is virtually absent of any nasties and contains very low levels of nitrates. Packed with naturally enriched minerals picked up along its years-long journey to arrive at the source, Crag delivers premium, perfectly balanced still and sparkling spring waters with a difference.

Typical Analysis mg/ltr:

Calcium ...... 31
Magnesium ...... 15
Sodium ...... 6
Sulphate ...... 8
Chloride ...... 6
Nitrate ...... 2.8
Dry Residue at 180c ...... 120
PH at source ...... 7.2


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Customer Reviews

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Daryl Marr
Sexy water

The cans looked absolutely stunning and the taste of the water matched it. Delicious. Will be making this a regular purchase.


Really striking and well-designed cans. Both tasted really nice, but the sparkling went really well with squashes. Would highly recommend.

Top Quality Water

Firstly I'd like to mention that the branding on the cans is excellent, perfect for getting kids attention to drinking water over soda. In my opinion the water is one of the best on the market. I've seen the owner on TikTok and love his passion & positivity. Great Product.


Beautiful product in top condition and fantastic artwork